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Information Night for Incoming Parents

Do you have a child that will attend Memorial Spaulding for the first time in September 2018? If so..the school and PTO would like to invite you to attend a parents-only information night on Thursday May 17th at 7 p.m. to learn more about Memorial Spaulding and what to expect during your child’s school year. Members of the PTO and Principal Morris will host this information session and answer your questions about scheduling, after-school care, enrichment programs, transportation and much more. We will also include a short tour of the school to familiarize you with the layout. Please RSVP by typing Yes or No in the subject line of an email to:

Newton SEPAC Special Educator Awards

The 9th Annual Newton SEPAC Special Educator Awards will be held Wednesday, June 13, 2018  starting at 6:00 pm at Newton North High School Cafeteria (457 Walnut Street)

6:00 – 7:00 pm Mingling, Viewing of nomination slideshows Appetizers, Beverages, Dessert
7:00 – 7:10 pm Introduction of SEPAC Board, NPS Administration,
and School Committee members
7:10 – 7:20 pm Jess Wilson, Newton mom and blogger
7:20 – 8:30 pm Awards Ceremony

The SEPAC Special Educator Awards are presented to Newton faculty and staff members who have done exceptional work with students receiving special education services. Parents, guardians and students may submit nominations and may nominate any staff member who they believe has done exceptional work. In the past, we’ve had regular education teachers, special education teachers, aides, BT’s, secretaries, principals and custodians receive awards.

Please note that the awards do not identify you or your child by name, to preserve the child’s confidentiality. Only the honoree is given the name of the person who nominated him or her.

Please submit your nomination by May 31 to 2018 SEPAC Awards Nomination


• PLEASE only nominate those who have done exceptional work.
• DON’T feel like you must nominate your child’s entire team to avoid hurt feelings.
• PLEASE submit your nomination ASAP! This will enable your honoree to plan to attend the ceremony and invite family/friends, and submitting your nominations early will allow SEPAC to plan the food accordingly
• PLEASE limit your nominations to faculty and staff who have worked with your child during the 2017-2018 school year

Principal’s Update

Hello Memorial-Spaulding Families,

Happy Wednesday!  With only 6 1/2 weeks of school remaining, we are in the throws of planning for next school year.  The student placement process has begun and we are starting to work on options for next year’s school schedule. At the same time, teachers are working hard to make sure students are well prepared to advance to the next grade level.

Student attendance rates have been very good lately. For the past few days we have had only 6 children absent for the school day! This means there are 450 children in attendance and (even though the weather is getting warm) they are quite focused on learning. When children are in school on a consistent basis we see dramatic increases in overall student achievement.  Nice work parents!!  Keep ’em coming!

Boston City Singers Youth Chorus will visit Memorial-Spaulding on Monday, May 21st in order to audition children for their 2018-19 season. This is the organization with whom I travelled to South Africa last summer.  They consistently provide high quality programming and amazing opportunities for young singers.  Check them out HERE.  Parent permission form to audition is required.  Access the form HERE.  Forms should be returned to our music teacher, Caroline Frick.

Many thanks to the Social Event Committee for an amazingly wonderful evening this past Saturday at the Dedham Hilton. This was an wonderful opportunity to have fun and get to know one another outside of the school setting. Much appreciation for all the hard work it took to pull of such an event in a few short weeks.

Last week I asked that parents send students to school with a plastic water bottle instead of glass (due to the fact that glass can be dangerous if it breaks). I have been asked to mention the possibility of bringing in an metal water bottle – which is more environmentally friendly. The next time you are in the market for a children’s water bottle, consider metal.

Our grounds are looking good!  Thanks to Robin Welch, Katharina Elbert and the entire Beautification Committee for their hard work.

Enjoy the beautiful day!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week

This is Teacher Appreciation Week! If you want to do something special for your child’s teacher or other staff this year, consider the Newton Schools Foundation’s Honor Thy Teacher program. Make a $25.00 donation (or any amount) to the foundation in the teacher’s name. Notifications will be sent to each teacher honored, as well as to Principals and the Superintendent. In addition, their names will appear in a special announcement in the Newton TAB. Look for a flyer in your child’s backpack or in your mailbox if you have children in the upper grades. To donate online and to find out more about the programs NSF funds, go to Donations are tax-deductible and go toward programs enhancing educational excellence, including valuable professional development opportunities for teachers, initiatives to close the achievement gap, and a wealth of new curricula and learning opportunities for elementary, middle and high school students. May 7th – 11th is Teacher Appreciation Week

Principal’s Update

Memorial-Spaulding Families,

It would seem that summer has arrived!  As the temperature rises, please made sure your child comes to school with a water bottle.  We prefer you send a bottle that is plastic – not glass – as we have had a few broken glass bottles this year.

This is National Walk/Bike to School Week!  Our Safe Routes to School volunteers will be at both the front and back entrances on Friday with fun swag to hand out to children.  Given the beautiful weather – please consider walking/biking to school as much as possible between now and the end of the year.

Gardening/Grounds Clean Up Day is scheduled for this coming Saturday between 1-3 PM.  Please join us!  Bring your rake, hoe, shovel and gloves – and come make our school look beautiful.

Now that the weather is turning nice, I need to remind you that the playground/field is not accessible to visitors during school hours.  This includes kindergarten students/parents who are dismissed at 12:30.

It is time to start planning to student placement in next year’s classes. Please click HERE for a letter explaining the process and HERE for the parent input form. You are invited to complete a form if you believe it is necessary – however it is not required. Should you wish to complete a form, it is due back to school by Friday, May 4th.

Dealing with your too much screen time with your child?  HERE is something that may be of interest  Check it out.

Have a great day – and enjoy the weather!