5th Grade Co-Chairs for the Stepping Up Ceremony

Dear 5th Grade Families,

Things are “heating up” as we begin preparations for our children’s last
year at Memorial Spaulding.  Several weeks ago we met to discuss the
different Committees and friends were encouraged to sign up to be
Chairs/Co-Chairs as well as volunteer for committees of interest.
Below is a breakdown of the different committees along with their
Chairs/Co-Chairs and their e-mails.  If you were not able to make this past
meeting, please feel free to get in touch with the Chair/Co-Chair of the
committee you are interested in so that you can be a part of future
meetings.   Not able to volunteer on a committee but you would like to be a
part of the planning?  We have something for you:-)  Later on in May or the
beginning of June we will be asking for donations of food/drink/paper goods,

Also, in order to defray the cost of the yearbook, class t-shirt and
celebration,  we will be suggesting a monetary contribution in a future
e-mail.   Please feel free to donate more or less.  In addition, we will
also be holding fundraisers throughout the remainder of the year to help
defray the costs of the ceremony and class gift. One of our first
fundraisers we will be an online auction hosted by Bidding For Good.  We
will be looking for auction item donations immediately after we return from
winter vacation so….please start thinking about vacation home offerings,
gift card donations, and professional services, etc.

5th Grade Stepping Up Ceremony Co-Chairs:

Sarina Katz           sarina@rkcenters.com
Daryl Goldstein   daryl0227@aol.com


Jen Saada             bjsaada@verizon.net
Robin Clebnik     robinclebnik@verizon.net

5th Grade Night Party

Robin Clebnik     robinclebnik@verizon.net
Carrie Altman    carriealt5@gmail.com

Class /Staff Gift

Ricki Sonnenberg   rickihs@hotmail.com
Vicki Frassica          vfrassica@verizon.net


Danielle Lieber    danielleandjon@verizon.net


Robin Clebnik      robinclebnik@verizon.net

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Co-Chair (s):

Matt Wilson            luau92@yahoo.com