Help Memorial Spaulding raise money towards technology by shopping


Are you guys back to school shopping yet???


If you go to target and you either have the target visa, target red card, or target debit card you can help Memorial Spaulding raise money towards technology by just shopping there and using the card! Just attach your card to Memorial Spaulding School. This can be done on line at then on the left hand side there is a section that says, “have a red card?” and you click on “find a school” then you can either type in Memorial-Spaulding e s or look up the school by zip code. Then you will follow the prompts and it takes 2 seconds. Literally. I just did it myself. I know many don’t want to open a new card, but look, you save 5% for using it, just pay it at the end of the month and up to 1% will be donated to the school to help pay for whatever the school needs!!! For us all target funds will go towards technology!!!


If you don’t go to Target and you’d rather shop at Amazon? You can help M-S there too! Go to and click on the Amazon link there and M-S receives 6% of your order! But you have to go through that link!!!


Let’s do this for the offsprings 🙂 these are great ways to earn the money for the technology needed without us writing those extra checks!!!! I’m looking for more ways…stay tuned!

Target: redcard: take charge of education


Mona Wong Fundraising Chair