Election Day Bake Sale Results

Did you hear? The Election Day Bake Sale netted over $1100!! That is over twice the goal set for that one-day event!

I am so INSPIRED by what we accomplished. It was truly a community effort – to everyone who supported in every way they could – THANK YOU. Your efforts (whether baking, buying, dropping off, picking up, setting up, cleaning up, making change, bagging, smiling at the voters, or keeping kids occupied while your partner did one of the above – so key) are what made this fundraiser a real community event. I was there during several shifts throughout the day, and I was truly pleased to have been able to put some names with faces and chat with some of you! I learned some things, too, but let’s just say HOLY BAKE SALE, BATMAN! So, pat yourselves on the back and put this one in the Win column.

Now, if you ever wondered “where does all the money go?” Come to the December PTO meeting where the PTO Board will be discussing just that – see the PTO website for more details.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, y’all! And be proud of yourselves and of the Memorial Spaulding community – WE ROCK!!

Jasmine Lai and the PTO Board