PTO Sponsored Boston Meeting

On Thursday, November 14th, the PTO sponsored a meeting with all METCO parents who are part of the Memorial-Spaulding community. This meeting was held at Darryl’s Corner Bar and Restaurant, a southern style restaurant located in Boston. The purpose of the meeting was to host a meeting with parents and discuss in an open, yet casual forum, updates from the PTO on activities that have taken place thus far, activities to come, updates from the Principal, Lisa McManus, and to provide an opportunity for parents to voice their thoughts and/or concerns regarding their Memorial Spaulding experience. This event also was designed to help the PTO obtain one of its overarching visions this year: the creation of one inclusive and cohesive Memorial Spaulding parent/teacher community. Apart from METCO Memorial Spaulding families, the PTO extended the invitation for this event to Lisa McManus, all of the teachers and staff at Memorial Spaulding, and the current PTO Executive Board. The PTO would like to thank the Draper family for coming to support the event and would like to thank Lisa McManus and all of the PTO board members who attended this event. The meeting was very insightful and brought us all closer together as one Memorial Spaulding community. The PTO plans to have at least one more meeting in Boston before the end of the school year. We would encourage every parent to attend the next Boston-based event, as these activities bolster community building and allow us all to stay informed and connected with our children’s educational process and experience.


Monica Yancey, Doreen Rachel PTO Presidents and the PTO Board