Creative Arts and Sciences Committee (CASC)

The kindergarteners were enriched this week by a visiting Author/ illustrator from Japan named Miko Imai. Her visit is full of lessons for the students. Ask your kindergartener how to say hello in Japan. They also learned to count from 1-10 and say thank-you in Japanese.

She read to them from her beautifully illustrated books, “Little Lumpty”, “Lily’s Secret” and “Sebastian’s Trumpet”. Each book discussed using your imagination to create a book, feelings about feeling different and sticking with difficult tasks. She showed the students her original illustrations for her books and ended her visit with teaching the kids how to draw “Little Lumpty” sitting on the wall. Everyone was very engaged and asked her a lot of great questions.

Last week our third graders viewed a wonderful program by Wingmasters.  The program covered Native Americans and their unique relationship with birds of prey.  The children got to see actual artifacts of Native American culture and also to see live falcons, hawks and owls – all in our auditorium.  They learned that Newton was populated by the Nonantum tribe and their leader was named Chief Waban.   Please be sure to ask your third graders about this program. We have several more programs scheduled for all of the grades throughout the rest of the school year.  This is one of the many wonderful programs that CASC brings to our school.  CASC is funded entirely by generous contributions made to the PTO.

3rd Gr Owl