Book Fair Thank you and with your help we raised over $6k for books for M-S

A huge thank you to the Memorial Spaulding community for so graciously supporting our Scholastic book fair last week!  With your generosity, book fair sales increased this year.  The fair produced  $2,000 more in gross receipts compared to last year, enabling the PTO to continue to enrich the educational learning experience of our children.   We had a wonderfully enthusiastic volunteer staff that kept the lines moving, stocked shelves, and helped count hundreds of pennies. A special thank you to Ms. Lodge for sharing her space and allowing us to turn the library into a week long book fair and to Principal McManus for partnering with us and being an integral contributor to the planning of the book fair.  With everyone’s assistance, the PTO was able to donate $800 in books to Memorial Spaulding teachers and to the specialists – two times the amount the PTO contributed last year.  The PTO is also happy and excited to report that we will be donating approximately $5,500 in books to the Library!

Happy Reading, 

The Book Fair committee