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Creative Arts and Sciences Committee

Today the CASC program was very proud to present jazz vocalist and ethnomusicologist Semenya McCord.  Ms. McCord presented a dynamic part of American history through songs;  from spirituals to the blues, from swing to contemporary jazz. With piano, bass and percussion accompaniment, Ms. McCord highlighted the variety of musical styles that evolved from day-to-day experiences of African slaves and their descendants in the United States. The music expressed the social, religious and economic circumstances of the Black community’s development over the past 400 years. Song selections included, “Day-O,” “Wade in the Water,” and “It Don’t Mean a Thing.” Some of the children were even singing scat solos.  Please be sure to ask your children about the concert.  

Programs like these are fully funded by the PTO and are presented by the CASC committee. Several more programs will be presented during the school year to each of the grades/classes individually. If you have any interest in joining the CASC committee or learning more about it, please contact Danielle Lieber at    We have two programs scheduled in the very near future for third and fourth grade with Author Matt Tavares.  As well as a marine biologist for kindergarten, live birds of prey for first graders,  author illustrator Ralph Masiello for second graders, bridge and tower building for third grade, rock detectives for fourth grade and electricity workshops for fifth grade.  There are more programs for each grade but too numerous to list. We will update you as the performers come.  Please let us know if you want to help out with our committee or just sit in on a  performance.  They are all entertaining and educational too 🙂


Jazz vocalist and ethnomusicologist – Semenya McCord