The Creative Arts and Sciences Committee (CASC) was happy to welcome famed local author/illustrator Miko Imai to our Kindergarten classes last week.

Miko grew up in Japan and learned to speak English while in art school in the USA by reciting nursery rhymes. She decided that some rhymes needed happier endings. So Miko transformed Humpty Dumpty into her book – Little Lumpty.  The children each drew their own Little Lumpty characters. Kindergartener, Matthew Moses said “I liked drawing Little Lumpty”.  Miko also taught the children how to count to 10 in Japanese.  Aside from Little Lumpty, she read two of her other books to the students – Sebastian’s Trumpet and Lilly’s Secret.  Each of her books have a nice moral that the children can relate to.  This was different from a regular story time because the children got to hear how MIko personally came up with the story idea.  They also got to see her revisions for the art work after the art director made her redo it again and again. She then answered questions directly from the classroom and left them with an original drawing of her cat Neko.

This CASC program was made possible by your generous contributions to the PTO. Please be sure to get in touch us if you are interested in joining our committee or chaperoning any future programs.  Chaperoning a CASC presentation is like being a chaperone on a field trip but no bus ride and it’s usually less than an hour 🙂

Kindergarten:  Danielle Lieber

First Grade: Lori Newman

Second Grade: Danielle Lieber

Third Grade: Erica Schulman

Fourth Grade: Darby Kominik

Fifth Grade: Terri Cubia

Our upcoming presentations are

November 21 – Henry Massar Weather Grade 1

December 1 – Ralph Masiello Author/Illustrator Grade 2

Dec 8 – Techsplorations presentation and workshops- building towers Grade 3

Dec 12 – Techsplorations presentation and workshops – electricity Grade 5

Look for the 2016 calendar of events in future PTO newsletters.


Thank you

CASC of Memorial Spaulding