PARCC Tests for grades 3-5

As always, our primary emphasis is on mastery of the learning expectations and development of a deep knowledge base rather than “teaching to the test.” At the school and district levels, we are making the best preparations we can with the information we receive from the state prior to the testing window, and we are treating this year as a baseline experience for gathering information about the test and our performance and planning for growth in future years. We do not yet know how the data we receive will correlate with MCAS data from past years, and we look forward to guiding your children through this experience with as little stress as possible. I ask that all of you join us in building a low-stress environment for our children as they approach this new experience.

The students will also have the chance to take practice tests after February Vacation to become familiar with the assessment format.

The test schedule for Memorial-Spaulding is as follows:

Memorial-Spaulding PARCC and MCAS TESTING SCHEDULE 2015

PARCC Progress Based Assessment (PBA)

Grade 3 ELA

March 23, 25, 27

Grade 3 Math

April 8, 9

 Grade 4 ELA

March 23, 24, 26

Grade 4 Math

April 8, 10

Grade 5 ELA

March 25, 26, 27

Grade 5 Math

April 9, 10

PARCC End of Year (EOY ELA & Math)

Grade 3

May 12, 19, 20

 Grade 4

May 13, 18, 19

 Grade 5

May 13, 18, 20

Grade 5 MCAS

Science and Technology

May 6, 8