What to do if walk to school is covered in ice/snow??

1)  Contact your aldermen:

Cheryl Lappin: Clappin@newtonma.gov

Rick Lipof: Rlipof@newtonma.gov

Dave Kalis: Dkalis@newtonma.gov

2).  Call the city at 617-796-1000 and report concerns on their website

3). Use 311 App

Newton MA 311″ is the the City of Newton’s app for your mobile phone and allows you to report concerns immediately, pinpoint the exact location, and include a photo. You can report anonymously or with contact information so you can track the progress of the report. In addition to sidewalk repairs, sign and traffic signal problems, and brush covering the sidewalk, there are 14 categories for reporting snow concerns, including sidewalks that are not cleared.