Registration will remain open until 3/25. Here are the classes in trouble of getting cancelled:

Mon: Jewelry Design and Cookies

Tues 1: Chess and Spanish

Tues 2: Gourmet Kids

Wed: Computers and Rubberband Looming

Fri: Harry Potter

This is the PTO’S biggest fundraiser, without this program most of the CASC

programs and other activities will not be able to run.  ASCA is a wonderful

program with all different types of activities for everyone to enjoy and to

experience.   One of the best features is that it happens right after

school!  No need to take them to other locations.    Reach out to other

families in your class, have your kids take classes together!  Please email

asca@memorialspauldingpto.org with any questions.  We are also always

looking out for new classes to run.  Have an idea?  Please contact us!