Homework Policy Letter

Dear Families:

As we continue our work to be more responsive to the needs of our students and families, we want to explain Memorial­Spaulding homework routines.

During the first few weeks of school, time will be devoted each day in the classrooms to clearly define our expectations and to teach students how to do homework successfully. Teachers will introduce homework slowly and incrementally and provide plenty of time for students to practice the routine under our guidance before expecting them to do it at home independently.

While routines may be slightly different among grade levels, all children will practice homework routines such as bringing home in­class assignments or using home­school folders. This will reinforce the learning that takes place during the school day, and allow parents to gain a better understanding of homework expectations so they are better able to hold their children to these expectations.

In addition, all Memorial­Spaulding students must read each night. Your child’s teacher will have specific details regarding at­home reading. If at any time you are unclear about an assignment or have any questions about your child’s work, please contact the teacher. Families and teachers working together will insure that all Memorial­Spaulding students are successful learners.

As a part of homework routines, we would like to encourage our students to choose a homework buddy, someone they can call if they have any question about an assignment, forgot the assignment, or perhaps to quiz each other on spelling words.

Please contact your classroom teacher with questions. Sincerely,

Lisa McManus Principal

Andrea Youngsman Assistant Principal