Arrival/Dismissal Information

As you may have noticed, we have a new bus lane.  This has precipitated changes to the Blue Zone, parking and dismissal locations.  Here is what you need to know:

New Bus Lane: For buses and handicapped parking only. You may not pull into the driveway for drop off or dismissal. There is one handicapped parking spot located in the bus lane.

Car drop off/pick up: Blue Zone “STOP, DROP and ROLL” – Children must exit the car independently on the passenger side of the car.

  • For drivers headed East: please drop off at the stoplight (Brookline and Oak Hill Streets).  Crossing guard location
  • For drivers headed West: please drop off in front of the school (Brookline Street).
  • For drivers on Clifton Road: drop off near Clifton Path. Crossing guard location

 Please do not park and exit your vehicle in the Blue Zone during arrival and dismissal

Click here for more information on the Blue Zone

  • You may park at various locations on Brookline Street.
  • You may park in the Blue Zone outside of restricted times (check the signs)
  • Please do not park (or turn around) in the staff parking lot – this creates an unsafe situation

Dismissal Exit Points:

  • Art hallway (Sacco, Marullo, Geagan, Patteson, Ekholm-Jacobson, DeRusha) exit through the doors near the art room.
  • Main hallway (Minichiello, DeKing, Bliss, Clancy/Walkin, Cameron, Miranda) exit through the front doors.
  • 4/5 hallway (Zampese, Fleming/Meredith, Ahlberg, Kazis/Rafuse, Baggs) exit by music room doors.
  • Kindergarten Classrooms: exit onto the playground from their classrooms

Parents and students may wait on the lawn to the right (between the front door and the art room) when facing the school. For safety reasons do not wait near bus lane.

Clifton Path is a hidden treasure.  If you would like to avoid the congestion on Brookline Street and your child can walk down the path independently – please consider using Clifton Road as your drop off and pick up location.

The Blue Zone by Oak Hill Street (opposite the lower field near the stoplight) is great if you are headed East.  A crossing guard is stationed at this location.

I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  I look forward to greeting children and families on Tuesday at 8am at the front door!

Tom Morris, Principal