Carroll Center for the Blind Walk for Independence

The Carroll Center for the Blind is getting ready for our 5th Annual Carroll Center for the Blind Walk for Independence, which is scheduled for Sunday, May 21st.

This event gives the community an opportunity to walk the grounds, participate in unique and fun events and see all the amazing people that receive and provide services at the center. We offer both a one mile and 5k walk around the neighborhood. What makes this walk unique is we welcome pets to walk with you. It’s a great day with music, cookout and all kinds of activities and giveaways. All of our events offer unique opportunities for both sighted and visually impaired people to participate. It really highlights the spirit of inclusion which we know is important in the city of Newton. The day is designed to engage the community and show kids, their friends, families and the community how active and independent blind and visually impaired people can be. As neighbors within the community, we believe this event will bring all who attend closer to understanding our differences.

In addition to both a one mile and 5k walk around the neighborhood with guide dogs and family pets, we have a cookout with music, games, raffles and much more. This year, students 16 and under are free! We encourage them to attend the event together, use teamwork to fundraise for their team and even win prizes for doing so. This day is the perfect combination of fun, education, inclusion and community. We would love if students, their friends, families, and even their family dogs would attend our wonderful walk.

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