Spring 2018 ASCA classes begin Monday March 26!

The Spring 2018 ASCA session will run from March 26, 2018 – June 15, 2018 exclusive of school holidays, vacations and early release days. Listings for student enrollments and class locations will be on the ASCA bulletin board next to the school office.
You can find the class(es) for which your children are registered by logging into Community Root, clicking on the Account tab in the top right corner, and then clicking Print Receipts. Transactions will be on hold until billing is activated at the start of the session.
Supplies fees in cash or check made out to the instructor listed below are due on the first day of class for the following: Camp ASCA ($25, Lisa Garland or Vicki Frassica), Cookies ($30, David Minichiello), Gourmet Kids ($30, Amy O’Toole)Jewelry Design ($25, Lisa Garland), Yoga ($20, Megan Tager), Harry Potter Extravaganza ($5, Kimberly Meredith), and Art Exploration with Ms. E ($10, Alexandra Etscovitz).

For children in cooking classes, please email the appropriate instructor with any food allergies. Gourmet Kids (Amy O’Toole, amyb_otoole@yahoo.com). Cookies (David Minichiello, david_minichiello@newton.k12.ma.us).

Still have questions? Please check the Memorial Spaulding PTO website at http://memorialspauldingpto.org/ which has more information pertaining to ASCA. If your question still remains unanswered, please contact us directly at  asca1@memorialspauldingpto.org.