Book Fair Thank You!

A HUGE thank you to OUR ENTIRE SCHOOL community for making Book Fair 2018 the most successful one ever! Our children’s classrooms are now stocked with many, many new books to read, and our library will get a huge influx of books as well. It takes a village, and we could not have done it without our whole school community.

A very special thank you to the brains behind this event, Erika Guerra Downey, who worked tirelessly and took time off of work to make it all happen. Our appreciation also goes out to our stellar Book Fair Committee, Jill Ostrokolowicz Katsiroubas, Christina LeBedis, Elina Magitsky, Sarah Knoff Konter & Julie Black Gollob.

And to all the parent volunteers, we appreciate your time and effort and hope to have you back next year (Hint, Hint). Marie Maier-Yunis; Maria Yuzaeve; Bella Farber; Janna Sneider; Maggie Granquist; Shefali Jobanputra; Marcela Mahecha; Kate Fowler; Darlene Thebaud;  Crystal Soly Case; Lisa Burton; Lori Feinberg; Mike Sylvester; Julia Greifensteiner; Reni Abusch Roni Abusch Edelist; Meltem Birnbaum; Kate Hammerman; Crista Martinez Padua; Michelle Landucci;  Katherine Seder Karon; Kathy Moses; Shelly Pearlstein; Nicole Karp; Jessica P. Alpert Silber; Lia Pepe McKay; Michelle Spitzkoff; Joanna Mitri; Heini Kekäläinen; Julia Greifenst