Principal’s Update

Dear Families,

From time to time it is essential that we review school safety/security protocols. In this way, we can all take responsibility for keeping our children safe and focused on learning during the school day. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of several aspects of safety in our school.

School Security: 

Ways that staff can help keep us safe:

  • Office personnel will closely monitor the door cameras prior to buzzing a visitor into the building.
  • Staff should greet visitors in the hallway and direct them to obtain a visitor’s badge.
  • All staff will continue to practice lockdown, shelter-in-place and fire evacuation protocols with students. We will be holding a Safety Day in the coming weeks. This will be a day when we practice/review all our safety drills.  

Ways that parents can help keep us safe:

  • Sign in every time you enter the building during school hours – either in the main office or at the greeter’s desk in the main hallway.
    • Please treat our greeters with respect and follow their directions. They are volunteers and have been instructed to require everyone to sign in and out.
  • When dropping off something for a child, you must leave it with a greeter or in the main office with Francie. Parents are not permitted to deliver items directly to students or to lockers during the school day.
  • Obtain a yellow visitor badge and wear it during your stay.
  • Sign out when leaving the building.
  • Do not hold the door open for others.  (This can seem rude, but it is for the safety of our students and staff.)
  • If you are in the building for any reason and happen to encounter an adult who is not wearing a visitor badge (or NPS identification tag), please ask if you can help – and direct them to the office.

Parking: The staff parking lot is not available for student drop off and pick up. Please do not pull into the staff parking lot between the hours of 8am-3:30pm. 

Food Safety: According to the Newton Public Schools Policy, food is not permitted for student celebrations and children are not permitted to share food during snack and lunch. We have many children with potentially life-threatening allergies. Please help us keep everyone food safe.

Health Safety: Prior to sending your child to school, please be sure he/she has been fever (and symptom) free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication. You can find more information on health safety click HERE

I thank you, in advance, for complying with our safety protocols.