Thank you to STEAM Day Volunteers

A huge THANK YOU goes out to the 35 parents (list below) who participated in last week’s EXPERIMENT DEMO DAYS at M-S. It was a great success!
Parents came up with many exciting ideas that explored a variety of concepts (examples below). They also talked through the scientific method with the kids and introduced the idea of STEAM Day, which will be held on Sunday, May 17, 2020, 1-4pm. Thanks so much for providing this enrichment to our students!

Experiment Examples:
· Looking at characteristics of waves, gravity, and symmetry through a Pendulum demonstration
· Examining and comparing densities of liquids
· Learning about properties of water (e.g., surface tension, buoyancy of objects)
· Understanding acids and bases, and testing for acidity of liquids

Our Parent Volunteers:
Kimberly Mak
Ling Yang
Natalya Shtokman
Sarah Konter
Minit Gupta
Eliza Danielson
Lauren Rozenvayn
Leah Kolidas
Tanuja Chitnis
Annie Fang
Mira Hariskov
Lakeitha Fernandes
Kirsten Smith
Lida Famili
Adi Kotzler-Melochna
Al Yazdani
Peter Germano
Ana Florian
Jim Druckrey
Michelle Landucci
Ann Chinchilla DeGeorge
Nora Grunin
Elizabeth Hamblin
Didem Vardar Ulu
Inna Nusinzon
Mandy Perrin
Ana Riella
Peter Germano
Nadine Palermo
Jeff Guasto
Marcela Almeida
Sally Rosen
Oggie Sosa
Rachel Laskin
Sarah Morton
Jenny Klein-Sosa (coordinator)