International Festival

Our International Festival will be held Thursday, March 19th from 6 pm to 8pm.

Please sign up to get involved and represent your country/region/culture by:
1. Hosting a Table
2. Performing

The signup is located here:

Hosting a table: run a table that represents a culture/country/region.  We encourage representative food, customs, research, books, artifacts, pictures, clothing, etc. Please label any food that has contains nuts.  

Performing: dance, martial arts, music, and other culturally significant arts. To ensure the maximum number of students can perform, we will give preference to groups.  This commitment requires attendance at a dress rehearsal after school on the day of the festival. You will also need to provide a short description of your performance and the music ahead of time. 

We are looking for a huge showing of cultures this year. Please come help us explore the amazing cultures around us!

Thank you,
The International Festival Committee