We are in this Together

Dear Memorial Spaulding parents,

We hope you and your families are staying healthy. During this unprecedented time, we want you to know that we are here for you. We understand your anxieties, fears, and concerns.  We all are in the same boat, scrambling to figure out how to manage our families, households, and work in a time of a global pandemic. And we are dealing with information as it comes our way, the same as you.  

First and foremost in all of our minds is maintaining our family’s precious health, protecting our circle, and caring for our children.  Our kitchens have turned into classrooms, bedrooms are boardrooms, obtaining household essentials is next to impossible, each sneeze turns into a question of pollen or plague, and are having to figure out how to teach math (wait, you don’t carry the 1 any longer?!).  Not to mention the many families in our community that work in the medical field that carry the torch of burden. Simply put: it’s stressful.  

We have heard from several of you with concerns and questions regarding how the school’s quality learning continues in this situation.  We have shared the themes of feedback we’ve seen on our Facebook page with Mr. Morris and the emails he has received have been forwarded to the Superintendent. If you have additional questions, feedback, or concerns, we suggest that you send those directly to Mr. Morris, Dr. Fleishman or NPS. From our understanding, the district provides direction regarding how remote learning can take place. 

We know that this is a difficult time. Everyone has different challenges they must contend with, but we have a strong community. Let’s continue to connect, offering each other a listening ear and kind words of support. Please consider sharing pictures and videos of your families on the PTO Facebook page. Reach out to your teachers if you have questions – they are learning through this process and dealing with many of the same challenges and emotions that we are.  Connecting with others and offering a note of encouragement, or spreading positivity and joy can really go a long way. We appreciate our strong parent community, and look forward to moving beyond this together!

Hang in there!

The MS PTO Board

Community Support Resources:

NPS Covid-19 website: Includes information on Learning from Home, Student Services & Special Education, Food Services, Technology, Talking to your Kids about Covid-19, etc.

Newton Covid-19 Care Fund: Information on how to donate to the fund, or how to seek resources should you need them

Superintendent: David_Fleishman@newton.k12.ma.us