1. Where do I pick up my child after class? Parents/caregivers should pick up their children at the classroom where the class is being held.
  2.  I don’t know which classroom they are in…There is an ASCA bulletin board outside of the main office. That has a listing of where all classes are being held along with a list of all the classes and the kids in the classes.
  3.  What if I am stuck in traffic and will be late picking up my child? Please try your best to avoid being late, however we understand that sometimes it will happen. If this is the case please email Please remember our parents are all volunteers.
  4.  Why am I charged a late fee if I pick up my child late? We understand sometimes you are caught in a situation that will make you late. The first time it happens you will not be charged. The second time it happens you will be charged $25 and if it happens a 3rd time your child will not be allowed to finish out the semester. Please remember our parents are volunteers and we must respect that they have homes and families to care for.
  5.  My child is in kindergarten how will they know how to get to their class? In the Spring semester when all the kindergartners are new our volunteers will collect all the kindergartners and show them where their ASCA classes are held. After a couple of weeks kids will walk upstairs on their own, normally with another child taking the same class. Our volunteers are always there and looking out for kids who are “lost”.
  6.  How do I know if my child got there ok? Our volunteers take attendance at the start of class. They are usually done 15 mins or so into the hour. Any children absent we check to see if they were absent from school. If they were not marked as absent from school a call will go home to let you know your child is not at ASCA.
  7.  Do I need to email ASCA if my child will not be in school? YES!!! Please email us at if your child will not be in school the day they normally have ASCA.
  8. How can I look up which classes I have registered my child? After you have completed registration successfully, you may check which classes your children are enrolled in by logging into Community Root and clicking on the Account tab in the upper right hand corner.
  9. I have registered my child for ASCA so why does the transaction says “Pending Billing Activation”? All transactions are marked as “Pending Billing Activation” until the start of the ASCA session. The credit card you have on file will be billed at the start of the ASCA session and the transaction will then be marked as “Active” and a new transaction showing your payment will also appear in your account.
  10. How can I change the class my child is registered for? As per our policy, no changes will be allowed unless requested within 24 hours of completing your registration. As such, please check with your children prior to registering them for a class.