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Dungeons and Dragons Opportunity

Dungeons & Dragons is the classic roleplaying game of heroic adventure! The game has enjoyed a great renaissance in the last decade as an alternative to the excessive screen time that has come to dominate the leisure time of young people. Played cooperatively, D&D can teach problem solving and teamwork, build vocabulary, and provide a creative outlet for storytelling.

After a successful pilot program in November 2019, we are continuing our adventures online for boys and girls ages 10-14. Each session is 2-hours long and the sessions meet once weekly. Time is flexible.

The program is hosted by teacher and game master Christopher Walters and Newton parent Brian Harel. It is not necessary to have experience with D&D. We will provide pre-generated characters for the introductory sessions , so all they need is their imagination!

For more info or to sign up, please email Brian at


THE LAUNCH OF #NEWTONTOGETHERLet’s stay connected as a community in the face of COVID-19! 
On Patriots’ Day/Marathon Monday, we invite all Newtonians to make handmade #NewtonTogether signs and display them in your windows. Get creative and share the incredible joy, strength, and resiliency of Newton. Just because we can’t gather for the Marathon this year, doesn’t mean we can’t connect!  Tag your creations in the Facebook event or on social media with #NewtonTogether.  For more information, click HERE.  
Facebook Event: PDF of the flyer as well as image of the Kelley statue with the hashtag can be seen below.  

WHERE THE IDEA CAME FROM:The idea came to the Mayor’s Office from Newton resident Rakashi Chand:Let us bring our community together in a shared message of perseverance and pride. Let us inspire one another as we are and always have been an unwavering city, that has stood tall and united in the face of adversity and overcome again and again, every challenge, hardship, tragedy and crisis.  We will persevere, we will fight in every way we can, we will unite and we will see the dawning of a brave new day. This epidemic will make each day harder than the last, but we will persevere, we will face the challenges that present themselves, because we are strong. Let’s find a way to inspire our citizens, and remind them that we, like our forefathers and foremothers, will overcome this, and find ways to raise each other up with hope.

HOW YOU CAN HELP:  You can do two things to make this a success:  

  1. Help spread the word — share, post, tag, etc. — to make sure all Newton residents know about it.  
  2. MAKE SIGNS.  Then put them up to show your Newton pride!  

International Festival

While we were so excited about the International Festival and thrilled to have had a record breaking number of people/cultures elect to participate, the decision has been made to cancel this event. Given these uncertain times, it’s most important that our families feel safe and remain healthy as we move through the end of this school year.

We look forward to next year when all of this will be behind us and we can, once again, celebrate the many cultures of our Memorial Spaulding community. We will revel in socially connecting with one another to learn, experience and taste what our community and world has to offer.

ASCA Update

Dear Memorial Spaulding ASCA Families:

We hope that this email finds you and your loved ones well. 

The PTO has made the difficult decision to cancel the Spring ASCA session in its entirety. This decision has been made without any reference to a possible return to school this year. We will begin to process 100% full refunds, including all fees, immediately. 

Included in the price of the class is a school management fee (collected by 6crickets in order to help run registration and compile data) and a credit card processing fee that our PTO is now responsible for. If you would like to donate any portion of your refund in support of our PTO events for next year, please click the DONATE button on our website (! We appreciate any contribution, no matter how small, to community activities that can bring us all back together once this difficult time is behind us. Thank you so much for your consideration in this, and be well.

We are in this Together

Dear Memorial Spaulding parents,

We hope you and your families are staying healthy. During this unprecedented time, we want you to know that we are here for you. We understand your anxieties, fears, and concerns.  We all are in the same boat, scrambling to figure out how to manage our families, households, and work in a time of a global pandemic. And we are dealing with information as it comes our way, the same as you.  

First and foremost in all of our minds is maintaining our family’s precious health, protecting our circle, and caring for our children.  Our kitchens have turned into classrooms, bedrooms are boardrooms, obtaining household essentials is next to impossible, each sneeze turns into a question of pollen or plague, and are having to figure out how to teach math (wait, you don’t carry the 1 any longer?!).  Not to mention the many families in our community that work in the medical field that carry the torch of burden. Simply put: it’s stressful.  

We have heard from several of you with concerns and questions regarding how the school’s quality learning continues in this situation.  We have shared the themes of feedback we’ve seen on our Facebook page with Mr. Morris and the emails he has received have been forwarded to the Superintendent. If you have additional questions, feedback, or concerns, we suggest that you send those directly to Mr. Morris, Dr. Fleishman or NPS. From our understanding, the district provides direction regarding how remote learning can take place. 

We know that this is a difficult time. Everyone has different challenges they must contend with, but we have a strong community. Let’s continue to connect, offering each other a listening ear and kind words of support. Please consider sharing pictures and videos of your families on the PTO Facebook page. Reach out to your teachers if you have questions – they are learning through this process and dealing with many of the same challenges and emotions that we are.  Connecting with others and offering a note of encouragement, or spreading positivity and joy can really go a long way. We appreciate our strong parent community, and look forward to moving beyond this together!

Hang in there!

The MS PTO Board

Community Support Resources:

NPS Covid-19 website: Includes information on Learning from Home, Student Services & Special Education, Food Services, Technology, Talking to your Kids about Covid-19, etc.

Newton Covid-19 Care Fund: Information on how to donate to the fund, or how to seek resources should you need them


Havana Nights- PTO Fundraiser


Havana Nights

Mark your calendars!  Join fellow Memorial Spaulding parents and community for a festive celebration to raise funds for our beloved school.  Cocktails, tapas, live music, and dancing included.  More details to come.  Tickets on sale soon … We hope to see you there! 

Box Tops

The Box Tops team collected another 95$ in physical box tops at the end of February and many folks have been scanning, bringing our yearly total to $618.50 so far!   

Physical box tops are slowly going away. Please make sure to scan all box tops using the Box Tops 4 Education app. There are many bonuses available in the app and the money adds up fast for our school. 

Even if you have a physical box top, you can still scan using the app to get double credit.  If we hit $1,000 by May, all classes will get extra recess! 

Box Tops team: Natalya Shtokman, Chrissy LeBedis, and Michelle Landucci

International Festival-Postponed

Due to fears about the corona virus, we are rescheduling the International Festival. We’re still looking into when permits will be available, but it will probably be early May. Stay tuned!

International Festival

Hi M-S Families,
The International /Cultural Festival committee is excited to share that we have 23 cultures already signed up to host a table this year. If you want your kids to see their special culture represented as well please go into this link 2020 International Festival Table and Performance Sign up  and sign up. Please sign up by February 28th so we can prepare for the event appropriately. 
2020 International Festival Table and Performance Sign upOur International Festival will be held Thursday, March 19th from 6 pm to 8pm. Please sign up to get involved a…Here are the cultures that already signed up. Feel free to join an existing table to make things easier for everyone as well as host a new culture: Russian, El Salvador, Eskimo, Swiss, UK, Chinese, Brazilian, Canadian, Israeli, Italian, Indian, Palestinian, Lebanoni, Swedish, Turkish, Costa Rican, Irish, Dominicanian, Moldovan, Korean, French, Greek and Cuban. 

Also,There only 10 slots available for the performance potion of the festival. Please go to the link above if your kids would like to perform a piece that represent a culture they are a part of. Preference will be given to group of 3 or more (depending on space available).

We look forward to another fun successful night celebrating our multicultural community.

STEAM Day- Next Steps

So you have an idea for STEAM Day—that’s great! What do you do next? Check out our February Newsletter for details, and go to our website for more information.
-The STEAM Day Committee