Directions for Community Root Website

Signing up for a new account:

  1. Create an account and password (please enter YOUR name, the parent’s name)
  2. Complete address
  3. Hit and save
  4. Hit “Add student to enroll” and save
  5. Add any additional children if applicable and repeat step 4
  6. Select the students to enroll and hit submit and continue.

(At this point if you want a receipt for each child individually please select 1 child at a time)

  1. Select classes you wish to enroll in and hit submit and continue
  2. It will bring you to a screen showing the calendar and the dates the classes will run, please review for your information and hit submit and continue
  3. Complete the information for your children (Info, emergency contact, and waiver) hit submit and continue
  4. Now it will show you all the classes all of your children are enrolled in. Please remove the classes that you do not wish to enroll in by hitting Remove next to your child’s name and class. The classes will all show as “on hold”. They will be activated as soon as we know for sure the class will run.
  5. Enter payment type and submit.

If you want to just see course descriptions: Log in as normal and move through the prompts as if you are registering for a class until you get to the screen with all the course descriptions.  Log out when you are done.  As long as you do not go to the payment page and hit save you have NOT registered.

If you need to change/update your info AFTER you have registered for a class: Be sure to email ASCA what that change is as the system does not tell us there are changes and reports may have already been printed.  Then you may log into the system and click on “account” across the top and then on “profiles” down the left side of the screen.  There you may make changes and save them there.

To Change a Course: Please refer to our policy. No changes will be allowed unless requested within 24 hours of completing your registration. As such, please check with your children prior to registering them for a class.

To Print Receipts and Verify Your Registered Classes: Log into the system and click on “Account” across the top of your screen. Then the screen will show all the transactions you have made. You may click on the receipt if you would like to print. Transactions will be marked as “Pending Billing Activation” for all registered classes. Once billing is activated at the start of the ASCA session, they will become “Active” and a new transaction showing your payment will also appear in your account.

Messages: Through the system you may email ASCA.  Near the top of your screen no matter what page you are on there is a “message” button.  If it is green you have a message from ASCA.  You may click on that button to contact ASCA.  Please note that if a message is sent through the system, you will need to log into your account to respond.  OR you may email with your response.

Any questions or concerns please email