End-of-Year PTO Letter

Dear Fellow Families,

The end of the school year is upon us, and in two days, so will summer vacation be!!!! It feels like just yesterday that we began this 2010-2011 school year together. Where has the time gone? This has been a year of changes for us as a community. A new principal, a new PTO president and new activities! I want to thank this community for their patience and support throughout the year! It has been a year of trial and error and I look forward to next year with the lessons I have learned this year! I want to thank Principal McManus for her support this year and for all the wonderful changes she has made to our school. I look forward to seeing what we will accomplish next year.

Some of the highlights of this year were our Harvest Fest- Chaired by Stacey Gabriel. She did a wonderful job, and the rain held out just long enough for us all to enjoy ourselves! Our seasonal sales drive headed up by Sharon Shiner, was a big success!! Our Book Fair, co-chaired by Carrie Altman and Hiedi Fink brought in more money then last year. International Festival was an incredible night!!! Big thank you to Angelique Dittrich and Pauline Lee who put so much time and effort into this annual event! The Read-A-Thon was an opportunity for our students to come together as a community and put their skills of reading to the test. They came together in an effort to raise money for both their school’s library and for those devastated by the earthquake in Japan. Thank you to Ali Newman for all her work on this terrific event! We had our first Kindergarten dance this year!!! It was a great time and both the parents and the kids bonded and had so much fun!!! Congratulations to Alex Cattan and her crew for setting the bar high for next year’s co-chairs!!!!! As the parent of an incoming kindergartner- I am looking forward to this event next spring! The Teacher Appreciation Week, organized by Jessica Freier was a wonderful way to show our teachers how grateful we are for the job they do everyday with our children!!! Sandy Carney- Thank you for the amazing job you did with both Picture Day and with the help of Caren Elias- Color Day!!! Sandy has done these two events for so long, that I did not need to help in any way. Except to show up and volunteer!!! A shout out goes to Matt Wilson and Janice Lipof for their work on the Spring Fest!!!! There were some bureaucracy issues they needed to overcome in order to make it happen, but being who they are- they worked it out!!!!!! Our first Boston-Newton Families event- Night At The Museum was an awesome event!!! It brought our community together outside of school and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Thank you to Monica Yancey, Michael Cassidy, and Alicia Francois for putting this together!!! I look forward to more events next year that get us out of our school and into our city that we all share!

Their are a few committees that need to be mentioned- After School Creative Arts, In School Creative Arts, Understanding Our Differences, Social Action, Kindergarten Soccer, Kindergarten Screening and Orientation, 5th Grade Event Planning, Boston Family Buddies, New Family Buddies, Call Back, and our awesome Inclusion Committee. ASCA is our biggest fundraiser and such an unbelievable asset to our school. It is a huge responsibility and I want to thank Becca Roth and Krisctina Bukur-Doczy for their commitment to this program!!! ISCA was run this year by Danielle Lieber and Denise Ackerman. They did a terrific job with the programs that came to our school and helped to enrich our children’s learning. Understanding Our Differences is a vital part of our children’s education. It is a way for them to be educated about those who are different from them and I want to thank the co-chairs Jody Steiner, Robyn Steinberg, Michelle Goldberg and Matt Wilson for organizing the many volunteers that are necessary to facilitate this program. Our Social Action chairs got our community together to help feed the hungry, ensure a happy holiday to children whose families couldn’t afford one, and raise money to aid those devastated by natural disasters. Thank you Jill Herer and Jen Saada for helping our community give back! Kindergarten Soccer- a time when our youngest students meet new friends, and their parents meet other parents. My third child is now doing Kindergarten soccer, and as was the case with her two older brothers, we are meeting new families and making new friends!!!! Thank you to Emily Gordon for running the fall session, and thank you to Kyle Tager for organizing the spring session and making it the MOST attended session ever!!!!! An important day for most of our students happens while they are still in pre-school. Kindergarten screening and orientation is a long two-day event. But an important one for both our staff and students. Marijean Moy has been a wonderful asset to our community and has done a beautiful job running this event! We are so lucky to have her for one more year!!!! Our 5th Grade Planning team has done some great events- Slushies every week is my kids favorite!!! Janice Lipof, Denise Ackerman and all of the other dedicated parents on this committee- we wish you and your children good luck and congratulations!!!! Our family Buddies committees partner new families and Boston families with current families in our school. Ricki Sonnenberg has done a wonderful job making sure new families feel welcome in our community. And Alicia Francois has helped Boston families and Newton families come together to make sure all families in our community are working together. Call Back is our way to make sure every child is accounted for. It is a safety check and Susannah Resnick has taken on the responsibility of coming in every day on her own! Thank you Susannah!!! And Jessica Wilson- girl you rock!!!! Jessica heads up our Inclusion Committee and for those of you who have worked with her, she is one of the most compassionate, understanding, well-spoken and open-minded people you will have the pleasure of knowing. Thank you Jessica for the work you do for our community!!!

Maria Isaza who stepped in early in the year and took over the newsletter, a huge shout out goes to you!!! Thank you for taking on such a big undertaking! Our treasurer- Lisa Halm, who worked all year on making sure we were on track with the MANY financial responsibilities we had this year. Lisa will be our treasurer again next year!!! Debbie Alper, my former co-president had to resign in January due to some personal issues. I thank her for the work and ideas she contributed in the beginning of the year. I want also to thank my predecessors- Matt Wilson, Denise Ackerman and Janice Lipof who helped me stay organized and helped me through this year. I truly appreciated all the support and advice you all brought to the table.

And lastly I want to both thank and welcome our new co-presidents for next year. Monica Yancey is the mom of Kendel a soon to be 2nd grader and Kristine a soon to be 5th grader. Jamie Zachary is the mom of Maddison a 1st grader next year. Sharon Shiner has Louise who will be in 1st grade next year, and Max who will be in 4th. And I will continue for another year. Next year I will have, Emelia who will be in Kindergarten, Aidan who will be in 3rd grade and Linden who will be in 5th grade. Between the four of us, we have at least one child in every grade!!! We all bring a wealth of ideas and expertise to the table and we are very excited about the 2011-2012 school year!!!

I look forward to seeing everyone at our last school event for this school year- THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR PICNIC is this Wednesday (the 22nd) from 5:30-7:30 p.m.. If I don’t see you, have a wonderful summer and I will see you in September!!!!!!

Megan Tager