Donate your no longer used electronics and enter to win a Target gift card!

 Collect! Collect! Collect! Those no longer used small electronics!
And be able to enter the Raffle for a
$25 Gift Card to Target

Starting Tuesday 10/11 bring in the no longer used small electronics from our list sent home from our Upcycling Campaign. (Also available on our PTO website:

Come drop off your items to the table in the front hallway between 8:20 – 9:00am 10/11 -10/14 and enter to win. Each item on the list is eligible for 1 raffle ticket.
*Bring in One Smart Phone and get 3 raffle tickets per phone!

Remember: we don’t take: Printers, Computer Monitors, Computer parts,
Motherboards, Ink Cartridges, DVD players, VCR’s, Satellite Receivers, Remote Controls,
Home phones,Cordless phones, Televisions or Radios

More info: Jen Saada