Electronic Upcycling Campaign

So far Ms. Deking’s class is in the lead…

We are still collecting! Remember to bring into school before

11/4! (Or bring with you to the Halloween Dance!)

Smartphones – laptops – digital cameras –

Game Consoles: Gameboy-Playstation-XBOX-

Wii- Nintendo DS – video games – DVD’s

(Games and movies need to be in original casing)

The PTO needs your unused small electronics!
Protect our environment while helping reach our fundraising goals.

Our goal is to organize and double our social action efforts this year, while helping us to raise funds by collecting small electronic devices that you, your family, and friends are no longer using. A list of what we’re collecting is below. The items in Green we have locked into great prices for good and broken smart phones for the next 40 days (between .50 – $85.)

As an added bonus, we’ll be keeping electronic waste and toxic chemicals out of landfills, protecting our planet and its inhabitants.

We will be making a difference in the World and our Community and we need your help!

Drop off Boxes will be in the office between now and 11/4/11. Your child can also bring them to their classroom and they will be picked up daily. Please include any chargers.

Thank you, Jen Saada