Kids Stuff Post:

We are half way through our Kids Stuff Fundraiser and have sold 66 books.
Our goal is 160, this will get us $2,000 for TECHNOLOGY!!!  WE CAN DO THIS!
94 more books to go!!!  Remember, if you have a K-2 child your books were sent home and you just have to send home a book, if you want additional books, just write that on the envelope provided and I WILL DELIVER it to your child’s classroom and make sure it gets to you!!!  If your child is in 3-5 you have order forms, didn’t get one?  email me! monaw@monumentmortgage
or call me 617-818-7430.  Send the order form with the check in to your child’s teacher and I WILL DELIVER the book to your child’s classroom or call/email me and tell me how many you want and I will get it to you! The last day is 9/28.  LET’S DO THIS!