Letter From Principal McManus

Dear Families,

Thank you for attending the Open House Curriculum Night.  The teachers enjoyed meeting all of you and are looking forward to working with you and your children throughout the year.


Along with all the excitement in starting the new school year, there is an equally significant amount of paperwork to complete.  Yellow emergency sheets were sent home last week.  Please complete and return all paperwork as soon as possible as it provides us with vital information.


Most important are dismissal routines, especially if your child rides the bus.  Please inform the office and classroom teachers about your child’s bus dismissal schedule if you haven’t already.  Please talk to your child about his/her bus schedule and appropriate bus behavior, e.g. once dismissed the children go directly to the bus lines to check in with the adult, walk in a line to the bus, and wear seat belts.  We appreciate your support.


Please make plans for “play dates” in the morning or the day before.  Children need to have a note for their teacher with the date and the name of the adult picking them up.  Please try not to call the office at the end of the day with changes unless it is an emergency. Safety is our top priority.  We have over 400 children to dismiss and we need to make sure they get home or to an after school program safely.


We have many new families at Memorial-Spaulding.  Please take a moment in the morning or at dismissal to reach out to someone you don’t know and introduce yourself.  Memorial-Spaulding prides itself as a welcoming and supportive school and community.



School Council

  • This year Memorial-Spaulding families will be represented by Michael Cassidy, Emily Rosenbaum, and Jen Russell.  Meetings will be held on Monday afternoons from 4-5:30 in the conference room at the front of the building.  Meetings are open to all adults.  Our first meeting is October 15th.

Solar Panels

  • The city has decided to place solar panels on the MS roof.  As part of the project they are offering a workshop to teach the students about the use of solar panels.  There will be educational program materials and sample curriculum for solar energy available to Memorial-Spaulding if requested by the teachers.



Best Regards,


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