How Can we earn $500 for Memorial Spaulding by doing minimal AND spending NOTHING?! Viridian.

25 meters signed up by December 1st. $500 is waiting for the taking!!! I have been mentioning this since the beginning of school. Don’t know what it is? You MUST at least check it out.

The PTO already has 6 meters signed up. I urge you all to watch the 3 minute video on the PTO website. It will explain everything in a simple manner and help to answer any of your concerns.

The Franklin and Horace Mann schools have already reached this goal and well on their way towards 50 meters. They have started to see the monthly income of $2 per meter and has re-energized their mission.

It’s not just the $500, it’s the residual income on a monthly basis thereafter for YEARS to come!

Go Green and Help Memorial Spaulding. What a mission statement.

Go to: and click on “How it Works”

Please call Joe Frassica 617-538-1188 or Mona Wong 617-818-7430