As one child said this past week, the art show was a “smashing success!”

It is so true. The children were beaming with pride and so were the families too! This was a wonderful art show, and could NOT have happened without your amazing children’s hard work and the support and time that many volunteers were able to help contribute.
Thank for your support of the arts, the support of your children and of our art program here at Memorial Spaulding!
Please know that the artwork is coming home this week, but the art show pieces are staying for one more week for an opportunity for reflection first. These pieces will come home, do not worry!
Please also check out the Memorial Spaulding Art blog for ideas on What to do with all this artwork!?!  and check all summer long for different art projects and ideas.
Here is a link:
Thank you again and I hope you have a very colorful summer!
-Alexandra Etscovitz (Ms. E 🙂