Ask me about… How Memorial Spaulding 5th Graders got revolutionary!


Ever wonder how Paul Revere’s children managed when he took off on his midnight ride? Ask your 5th grader. He/She just found out during a month-long program where they studied the American Revolution.What’s special about the way Memorial Spaulding kids learned about the American Revolution this May?

1)   They got to experience history on a local level, traveling along the Freedom Trail.

2)   Their teachers integrated learning with two special events that came into their classrooms, sponsored by the PTO’s Creative Arts & Science Curriculum (CASC) programs. 

The first was from the Paul Revere House. The children learned about Paul Revere’s children and how they managed when Paul took off on his Midnight ride. They were exposed to the historical event from the point of view of Paul’s children. Paul’s son was left to guard the house from the British soldiers and the daughter’s left with their Mother to flee the city. The kids learned a game from the time period, dressed up in period clothing and saw artifact reproductions.

The second program was presented by Historic New England, called,

“The Revolution in Dorchester.” This was an interactive program exposing the kids to a journal written by a farmer from Dorchester who also was a soldier in the Revolution. They went through the timeline of events leading up to the war and through the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  They also got to dress up like a soldier, see reproductions of artifacts and write with feather and ink quill pens.

I want to thank the teachers for preparing the kids for these programs, the parent volunteers helping during the presentations at school, and the PTO funding of these important programs, made possible from family dues paid at the start of the year, and ongoing fundraising throughout the year. Your financial support of the PTO makes CASC programs possible; enriching our student’s experience.

If you’d like to get involved in the PTO or find out more about CASC, contact Danielle Lieber at

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