Beautification Committee

Many thanks to the amazing efforts of the Beautification Committee and the 21 families and friends who worked together this weekend to plant a rainbow garden, rose bushes and bulbs across the front landscape of our school.  We can’t wait to see the payoff next spring!

We did it all with less than $500, which comes from your PTO contributions, and help from our generous supporters at Broderick Designs, Newton Parks and Recreation, Weston Nurseries, Allendale Farm, Volante Farms, Costco and Home Depot. Kudos to Robin Welch, Irina Kozhayeva, Lana Mirvoda, Alex Cattan, Cecile Blaustein and Matthew Miller.

At Monday’s all school meeting this week we will thank the kids who volunteered and see a video from the day. Stay tuned for part 2–next spring when the Newton Forestry Dept comes to work with us to plant 17 trees on our campus.

If you’d like to volunteer on the Beautification Committee, contact