EVERYDAY SPENDING campaign efforts

Hello!  Below are our EVERYDAY SPENDING campaign efforts.  The idea is this: more we earn here, LESS from OUR pockets!  This is FREE money!  I know some of you may not like clipping labels or box tops, so don’t!  HAVE YOUR KIDS DO IT!  They are very much into it and they want their class to win!  And the holidays are coming up, if you are buying your groceries from Stop and Shop anyways PLEASE link your card to M-S, OR if you are gift shopping at Target, we know we all do!  PLEASE link your card to M-S.


Our contest has started and a chart of how each class is doing is up on the PTO board in the Lobby.  One class in each grade will win a prize!  The last day to count for this contest is dec 16th.  We ARE however collecting all year round and they will be counted for any future contests even after this one is over.  So far from the beginning of school until now we have already $174 in Box Tops!  Our goal is to beat last year’s goal of $748.

Here is a list of participating products.


Campbell’s Labels for Education

Help Ms. E, Ms. Komow, and Ms. Seales earn points so that they can redeem them for supplies and equipment for our kids!

Here is a list of participating products.


Stop and Shop Shoppers!

If you have a Stop and Shop card (discount card) please go on the Stop and Shop site and connect your card to our school and help us earn more money!  Last year we earned $256  let’s beat this!


Our ID is 10611


If you have a Target credit or debit card you can help the school earn money by linking to M-S!


Our School ID is 59746

Last year we earned: $146

Shop AMAZON?!?

If you use the link on the M-S PTO website   http://memorialspauldingpto.org/fundraising/, Memorial Spaulding will receive 4%-8% of your purchase price every time you shop! Note: On Amazon.com, you will not see anything specific to indicate that the purchases will be credited to Memorial Spaulding.

Last year we raised $194


Sign up your electricity bill with Viridian GREEN electricity!  Save the environment and help earn money for the school!  For every family that signs up the school earns $2/mth/family for years to come!  Please contact Joe Frassica @ 617-538-1188.