Third Grade CASC program

Why are Ms. Fleming and Ms. Feguson wearing balloon hats?  They are
actually truss bridges.  They also dressed up as the blues brothers
and sang “the Structures Blues”.  All of this was because the third
graders had an exciting day with Techsplorations learning all about
truss bridges, suspension bridges, Roman arches, flying buttresses,
and domes.  Ask your third graders what the strongest shape is (hint:
it has 3 sides) and ask them if the eggs broke or not when a grown man
stood on them.  Thanks to your generous contributions to the PTO, we
are able to bring wonderful programs like these to the school.  Each
grade has about 3 programs per year. The presenters are scientists,
authors, or historians.  They are chosen to enhance the curriculum
that the students are covering in their regular classrooms.  Thank you
to the parent chaperones.  If you are interested in chaperoning a
future CASC program for your child’s class or being on our CASC
committee, please get in contact with Danielle Lieber and
Please don’t forget to support the PTO so we can afford these programs.
Thank you,
The CASC Committee

Ms. Ferg Ms. Fleming