First Grade CASC Presentation on Weather

Be sure to ask your children about a wonderful CASC program we had on weather.  They learned through a series of simple fascinating experiments that you can repeat with them at home.  The concepts they learned dealt with how weather is what is going on with the air around us. They learned that air takes up space, it has weight, it has pressure and it can be compressed.  Ask about the

      • Egg in glass
      • Floating and non floating ping pong ball
      • Balloon scale
      • Index card holds water in small cup even upside down
      • Hot air in soda can crushes when you put it in water
      • Jar against cheek

We would also like to thank our parent volunteer chaperones.  I think they enjoyed it as much as the students.  We would also like to thank all of the families for their contributions to the PTO.  It is through these contributions that we can afford these wonderful programs for all of our grades.  Please be on the lookout for other programs this year in the newsletter. If you would like to be a parent chaperone or become a committee member of CASC please contact Danielle Lieber at  We have lots of great science, literature, historical and cultural programs coming up this spring for all of the grades.  We are especially looking for parents or guardians with students next year in kindergarten, first and second grade.  But all are welcome.
The CASC Committee of Memorial Spaulding