Blue Zone update

This week a PTO representative met with administration and 2 parents to discuss the traffic/safety issues we experience on Brookline St and Clifton Rd.

 During this meeting, we noted that the Hartman road crossing guard is not effective in managing the pedestrians and the drivers. We are looking into getting a permanent police officer at Hartman road.  There was also talk of long term solutions including expanding the faculty parking lot and creating a bus pull off lane in front of the school.

With regards to Clifton Road, we examined the possibility of turning into a one way street during the drop off and pick up times.  We also discussed making one side of Clifton a Blue Zone in order to ease the parking situation.

While we look into these possibilities we are happy to say we are taking some immediate action to help.  We now have a permanent crossing guard on Clifton Rd.  

Additionally, administration is making an attempt to be in front of the school every morning at 8:20 to help kids out of cars and into the school.

 We have one of the busiest streets of any Elementary School.  We have heard your concerns and are working very hard on improving.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.