Understanding Our Differences

Understanding Our Differences – Units and Presentation Dates for this Year

Dear Memorial-Spaulding School Community:

I am writing to let you know about the dates and topics that Understanding Our Differences has scheduled for presentation to our students this school year. As you recall, Understanding Our Differences (UOD) is a nonprofit organization working in partnership with the Newton Public Schools since 1978 to provide a unique, creative disability awareness program for elementary school children in grades 3-5.~ Note that these units are presented to all of our students, who learn together in grade-level groups.

Dates for Grade 3

Blindness/Low Vision – February 5, 2015

Deafness/Hard of Hearing — April 2, 2015

Coordinated by: Jamie Robinson, jlcinflorida@yahoo.com

 Dates for Grade 4

Learning Disabilities – to be decided

Chronic Medical Conditions – March 26, 2015

Coordinated by: Amy Masters, amasters@hearst.com

 Dates for Grade 5

Autism — November 13, 2014

Intellectual Disabilities — January 22, 2015

Physical Disabilities — March 19, 2015

Coordinated by: Eafat Newton, fromeafat@hotmail.com

Please address any questions you may have about these presentations to Jenni Acosta, UOD Program Director, at jacosta@UnderstandingOurDifferences.org.

Parent volunteers are always needed. If you would like to help with these presentations, please contact our School Coordinators of the UOD program:

3rd grade: Jamie Robinson, jlcinflorida@yahoo.com

4th grade: Amy Masters, amasters@hearst.com

5th grade: Eafat Newton, fromeafat@hotmail.com

To learn more about Understanding Our Differences, please view the website here: www.UnderstandingOurDifferences.org.


Lisa McManus