Thanks to your generous contributions to the PTO, we are able to fund some fantastic programs at our school!

Last Wednesday morning we had the honor of having author-illustrator Matt Tavares visit Memorial-Spaulding as part of the Creative Arts and Sciences committee (CASC) programing.  Mr. Tavares, who has published over thirteen books, gave an engaging presentation to the third and fourth grade classes.

     Mr. Tavares spent an hour with each grade discussing his writing, researching and drawing processes.  He spoke about how his editors often ask for many changes in his drafts, and re-working of his drawings—emphasizing that even professional writers have to do many drafts and many “re-dos.” 

     He also discussed how he did research for his newest book, which will be published in February.  The students were captivated as they learned how Mr. Tavares turned this research and his photographs from the Dominican Republic into an exquisite book about he childhood of one of his favorite baseball players.

     For the final segment of his presentation, Mr. Tavares did a drawing demonstration where several of the students had a chance to “pose” for sketches. (Please drop by and see the sketches in the library.) The students were able to ask Mr. Tavares their questions.  Be sure to ask your third and fourth graders even more about this program!

Mr Tavares