CASC program

This past Monday, the CASC program brought in famed author/illustrator Ralph Masiello to the second grade classrooms. Ralph’s main focus was on the basics of creating an illustrated book. Ralph worked with the students to create different drawings such as a sea monster, an owl, and a fairy. He encouraged the students to make the illustrations their own by adding their own creativity to their piece. He showed them step by step how to create these drawings with easy to follow steps. It is a great way for even the most reluctant students to learn these core concepts through drawing.

Ralph stressed the importance of reading, research, and practicing. He showed examples of his original art and explained the complex process behind creating an illustrated book. Ralph also did an original drawing in each presentation. His books can be found on amazon and would make a great holiday gift.

This CASC program was made possible by your generous contributions to the PTO. Please be sure to get in touch us if you are interested in joining our committee or chaperoning any future programs. Chaperoning a CASC presentation is like being a chaperone on a field trip but no bus ride and it’s usually less than an hour 🙂

Kindergarten: Danielle Lieber
First Grade: Lori Newman
Second Grade: Danielle Lieber
Third Grade: Erica Schulman
Fourth Grade: Darby Kominik
Fifth Grade: Terri Cubia

Our upcoming presentations are
Dec 8 – Techsplorations presentation and workshops- building towers Grade 3
Dec 12 – Techsplorations presentation and workshops – electricity Grade 5

Look for the 2016 calendar of events in future PTO newsletters.

Thank you
CASC of Memorial Spaulding