Next week, early registration will begin for the spring session of ASCA. All registration is online. Keep an eye out for a notice in your child’s folder! Class listings will be posted online prior to registration, which begins March 5.

The After School Creative Arts program offers a great variety of fun and unique afternoon classes that take place right at Memorial Spaulding. Classes are grouped by age and take place once a week each. They’re a perfect way for kids to explore a favorite activity or discover a new hobby. ASCA is also the school’s largest fundraiser, and is 100% run by parent volunteers.  

If you are interested in volunteering please contact us at  All the money made through the classes goes back to our school to help fund programs in line with our annual priorities; such as mini-grants for teachers, community building events; purchase of technology for our school, and the list goes on and on.  We hope that as you consider what to do for your children, you will look no further then our very own school!!!

This spring, classes will run from the weeks of April 6- June 8. Please note that there are some weeks where there are no classes (vacation, holidays, etc). Early bird registration will begin March 5 and end on March 12. Regular registration will continue with a $25 late registration fee until March 19.