The Creative Arts and Sciences Committee (CASC)

The Creative Arts and Sciences Committee (CASC) was happy to welcome Joe and Vida Galeota back to our second grade classes over the last two weeks.  Joe is a professor at the Berklee School of Music and Vida grew up in Ghana.  The two met while he was there studying the music of Ghana.  They took the second graders on a wonderful trip complete with imaginary passport stamps and visas to the country of Ghana. Even though the intense heat of Africa sounds very welcoming now, they realized how lucky they were that they didn’t have to walk to the river to get drinking water and wash their clothes all before school starts each mooring. The children in Ghana learn their lessons by singing and dancing.  Our 2nd graders had a chance to walk with giant water buckets (empty of course) on their heads and to dress up as the King and Queen of the Ashanti tribe. They also got to sit on the golden throne and heard authentic drums from Ghana being played.  They got to sing and dance while counting to ten in another language.  Be sure to ask them how the water buckets are made.

This CASC program was made possible by your generous contributions to the PTO. Please be sure to get in touch us if you are interested in joining our committee or chaperoning any future programs.  Chaperoning a CASC presentation is like being a chaperone on a field trip but no bus ride and it’s usually less than an hour 🙂

Kindergarten:  Danielle Lieber

First Grade: Lori Newman

Second Grade: Danielle Lieber

Third Grade: Erica Schulman

Fourth Grade: Darby Kominik

Fifth Grade: Terri Cubia

Our upcoming presentations are

April 2 – Museum of Science Life Cycles  Grade 2

April 29 – Potato Hill Poetry Grade 4

May 7  – Explore the Ocean – Kindergarten

and a few more

Thank you

CASC of Memorial Spaulding