The Memorial Spaulding Art show

It is hard to imagine that our annual art show is coming……and hooray, it is almost here! 

MARK YOUR CALENDARS forMay 28th from 5:00pm-7:00pm!

The Memorial Spaulding Art show is a fabulously fun event that is all about having your child share their pride and all that they have learned in our art room this year.

Please SIGN UP here so you can help make the art show glow with color! The Art Show could NOT happen without family volunteers!

Each student gets to choose a 2-dimensional piece of art: a painting, a drawing, a collage or a print to display as well as a 3-dimensional piece as well.

 Students are working to carefully choose a piece that they feel represents their best effort work. Your child’s entire portfolio is wonderful and the decision is hard for so many kids(this is a good thing)! But after careful consideration, each child chooses the piece that they felt represented the work that was the one that challenged them the most, they learned from and they feel proud of.

That means the art show will display more than 800 pieces of art work!  There will be more information about the art show right here, so stay tuned!

Do you know a friend who may want to know about the Memorial Spaulding Art show?  Forward this to them, have them follow this blog and join the fun….all are welcome! 🙂