Bus Pull off Trial Postponed

Dear Families,

After discussing a possible trial of the bus lane with the Police Department, DPW Andrea and I , the city has decided to delay the trial until the beginning of the school year. They believe the we will be best served by implementing a trial for 2-3 weeks so parents, school staff, bus drivers and the motoring public can have sufficient time to become used to the new traffic pattern and DPW and Police will be able to observe and understand the full impact of the trial whether it is successful or not.

The Transportation staff will be working with Engineering and Police to review/tweak the proposed layout and work out the specific details of the trial over the next several weeks with the intention of implementing the trail toward the end of August so it is in place for the opening of school in September. Over the fall, City staff will evaluate the results of the trial and if successful, make recommendations to either move forward with a permanent installation or revisit other options. This will also give them time to develop construction costs and explore funding source(s).