Chinese Speaking Liaisons

The ELL program for the Newton Public schools is providing Chinese-speaking liaisons to assist families and schools with home communication. If you are a parent, please use the number below to leave a message in either Mandarin or Cantonese. Include your child’s name, home school, and your contact number with any questions or concerns regarding school and your child.

If you are school personnel, please leave a message with your contact information, school, and reason for call. Messages will be returned within 24 hours during the school week when school is in session.

Mandarin phone line: Fenny Gao 617-559-6047

Cantonese phone line: Ling Chung 617-559-6032

ELL Social Worker: Rachael Kaplan 617-559-6048

Here is the link to the blurb in Chinese: [ ]Chinese Liaison blurb in Chinese

Jody Klein, Director English Language Learning Program Newton Public Schools

100 Walnut Street, Room 219 Newton, MA 02460 (617) 559-6043