Spring ASCA Update 3/12/16

Greetings and Happy Daylight Saving!
ASCA registration will now be open 3/13/16. As always, please check the dates of your intended class to ensure that you are enrolling in the correct session.
In the meantime, there are have been some updates since your Room Parents were tasked with sending out the course list. These will be reflected on the registration website.
1. Basketball (Mondays) is open to Grades 1-5.
2. Feel the Glee will in fact be renewed for spring (Fridays).
Be sure to sign up before the March 18 deadline. It only takes 15 minutes!
Spring ASCA will run April 4 – June 17, exclusive of school vacations, holidays, and special early release days.

Registration will be open from March 13 – March 18 ONLY so please register on time at