Class Placement 2016-2017 school year- Info. due by Friday, May 6

Dear Memorial-Spaulding Parent/Guardian,

The Memorial-Spaulding staff will soon begin the student placement process for the 2016-2017 school year. Please know that a tremendous amount of time and thought goes into student placement. I have great confidence and respect for our faculty, and know that they work tirelessly to meet the needs of students.

The primary goal of this process is to create balanced classes by placing each child in a learning environment in which we feel that they can thrive and experience academic, social and emotional growth and development. Balanced classes help us create an optimal learning environment for individual children, as well as, for the group as a whole. We consider the teacher’s suggestions, past school experiences, academic and social/emotional achievement, and input from support staff when making this important decision.

Input with regard to your child and the kind of learning environment in which he or she works best will also be considered when placing students. If your child has extenuating circumstances that you feel need to be considered in the placement process, you are welcome to write a note to me. Input should be directed in the following three areas:

Learning style: How does your child learn? What environmental factors impact your child’s learning? Identify areas of strength and/or challenge that your child’s teacher may not be aware of.
Social relations that impact student learning. What children do they work well with or children they do not work well with. Placing friends together is not a priority but will only be considered in regards to a child’s social/emotional well being. We strive to balance every class in as many ways as possible.
Extenuating circumstances, which would significantly impact your child’s ability to experience success.
The majority of Memorial-Spaulding parents do not feel the need to give input unless there are extenuating circumstances. Input is not required or expected, yet, it is an available option for parents who feel that there is additional information, which should be considered in the placement process. Our placement process aims to benefit all children and specific teacher requests WILL NOT be honored.

Children are very adaptable; especially when they see their parents remain positive. The primary goal of the placement process is to create classes and learning environments in which your children will flourish academically, socially and emotionally. I feel that the Memorial-Spaulding faculty gives all students the opportunity to grow and succeed.

All information MUST be received by Friday, May 6th, if it is to be considered in the placement process. Please email me at

Lisa McManus