The 7th Annual NewtonPAC Special Educator Awards

The 7th Annual NewtonPAC Special Educator Awards

June 13, 2016

Newton North High School Cafeteria

457 Walnut Street

 6:00PM: Buffet Dinner, Beverages, and Mingling

6:45PM: Ceremony (and Dessert)

The Special Educator Awards are presented to Newton faculty and staff members who have done exceptional work with students receiving special education services.  Parents/guardians and students may submit nominations and may nominate any staff member who they believe has done exceptional work; in the past we’ve had regular and special education teachers, aides, BTs, secretaries, principals, and custodians receive awards.

Nominations are now open for the awards!

Please note that the awards do not identify you or your child by name, to preserve the child’s confidentiality.  Only the honoree is given the name of the family who nominated him or her.

Please send your nomination to specialedawards2016@gmail.comwith the following information:

Your name and your email

Your school

Your school principal’s name and email

Name and email address of the SPED contact at your child’s school (inclusion facilitator/assistant principal)

Nominee’s name and email

A short nomination telling us about why your nominee is so special

  • Try to include details and examples if you can (try notto just say, “Miss Smith is great!”)
  • Keep the nominating paragraph to 3 sentences (we plan to read this aloud at the ceremony).
  • Don’t use your child’s name. (If you do, we will edit it out for the award ceremony).
  • If you like, you may also include a longer nomination or a letter to your nominee (which will not be read out loud), and will only be given to the nominee with their award.


  1. DON’T feel like you must nominate your child’s whole team to avoid hurt feelings. PLEASE only nominate those who have done exceptional work.
  2. PLEASE nominate your educator ASAP (to enable your honoree to plan to attend the ceremony and bring family/friends)
  3. Did we mention to PLEASE nominate your educator ASAP??!! (It will allow us time to know how many people are attending, and how much food to get).
  4. The deadline for the awards is June 1, 2016 (NO late nominations because we have to print the program professionally).
  5. On the night of the awards, you can have your photograph taken with your nominee (we will have a photographer present)!