Principal’s Weekly Update

Important drop off and dismissal reminders for drivers:

You may not park in the Blue Zone during drop off and dismissal.  The idea is to “drop and go”.  Think “STOP, DROP and ROLL”   Click here for more information on the Blue Zone

The bus lane is for buses only – not student drop off.  There is one handicapped accessible parking spot in the bus lane.  Please do not pull into the bus lane unless you have a handicapped placard and intend to park in that spot.

In the days I have been out front I have witnessed two minor “fender benders”.  Please be careful!

Do not pull into the parking lot during school hours.  This creates an unsafe situation for children who are transitioning to and from recess.  When retrieving your child from kindergarten, please park on the street.  

We are ALL responsible for the safety of our children.  Please ensure you are adhering to rules and procedures in order to help us maintain a safe environment.