Chalk the Walk Day next Wednesday!

On Wednesday, September 27th (early release day!), please accompany your child from 12:30pm-3:30pm and let your little artist release his/her creativity by decorating the school alleys, and near-by sidewalks! Let’s decorate our school  walkways with our best drawings and proudly show off our kids talent.
Please bring lots of chalk and please, please, please consider donating beforehand so that supplies will not be an issue. Please also talk to your children about how to remain safe (i.e. no drawing on the road) and how to keep our school clean (i.e. no drawing on walls or under the porticos).
Important: All children participating in this event must be supervised by an adult.  All school personnel will be involved in professional development meetings during that afternoon. 
Let’s decorate Memorial Spaulding just in time for back-to-school night!